Melinda Taylor

Melinda Taylor is a retired business woman, former news publisher, and author. Melinda owned several interior plantscaping~floral design~exterior landscaping firms in Florida and Texas. She later went on to found and publish one of the largest online news services in Texas covering the Capital in Austin and the border from El Paso to the Rio Grande Valley. She is an avid gardener with a focus on edible landscaping. Melinda settled in Nebraska in 2014 to be close to her son’s family. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren teaching them gardening, cooking and life skills. She discovered the Food Forest shortly after moving to the Lincoln area and was fascinated by it. “I’m so happy and excited to be part of the food forest because it’s something I really believe in and want to support. It integrates community in a healthy, harmonious way, nourishing both body and soul. I look forward to watching its growth for years to come.”

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