The Food Forest is at 5750 S. 40th. The entrance is just south of the 40th and Old Cheney intersection.

Don’t have access to personal transportation to reach the Food Forest? No problem! In fact, that’s easier on the planet, so good for you.  Pull out your bike to get some fresh air on the way, or hop on the public transit and visit.

Below are links and maps to help you get to Southern Heights Food Forest sustainably:

Come by Bike!

orange = Rock Island Trail
blue = Helen Boosalis Trail
green = Old Cheney Road Trail
purple = Tierra Park / Williamsburg Trail
black = South Pointe Trail

Bike Hint! Coming from downtown, it’s easier to either take Helen Boosalis to 40th and then climb that one giant hill (path on the east side of the street) or to take Tierra /Williamsburg past Old Cheney to the shopping center and then back track up 40th St 3 blocks. Save riding down Old Cheney for the trip home.

Note: Star Tran Route 56 (Sheridan) does NOT run on Sundays!

The route that comes to the Food Forest is the 56 (Sheridan) route. Use the “Old Cheney & Village Blvd” time point. The next stop after that one is the easiest: pull the cord after the stop light that is between 27th and 40th, and then hop off after the bus goes around the corner onto 40th. You’ll be on the north east corner of 40th and Old Cheney; cross Old Cheney and come south along 40th Street. Currently, this route is running on the Weekend schedule Monday through Saturday.