Seed the Future of the Food Forest

Children building with blocks outside.

There’s an abundance of food plants already growing at the Food Forest, thanks to the support of you, our community. But we know that we need to grow more to meet the needs in this new world we live in.  We know that we must introduce more perennial crops, we need to improve our ability to propagate what is thriving here so that we can share those crops with additional community-driven landscapes around town.  We need to inspire more people to connect with nature, at all stages of life. With your generosity, the Food Forest will deepen its ability to be a magical place full of healthy food to eat, of beautiful sites and sounds for your mental health. It will continue to connect kids with the natural world and bring us together as a community.

Your gifts help us give back to this amazing community called Lincoln.  Thank you!

*Wait!* It’s Give to Lincoln Day this month. Please donate HERE instead!* 

We love donations by check, donor advised fund, or IRA distribution, too!

Donation checks can be made out to: Southern Heights Food Forest

Mail them to SHFF at PO Box 22403, Lincoln, Nebraska 68542

I loved watching the changes from season to season. This summer, I was mesmerized by the number of bumblebees and insects that I’d never seen before.” – Karen, Food Forest volunteer