Exciting Plans for the Year

Do you know that you can grow kiwis in Nebraska? You can, if they are hardy kiwis, a similar tasting but smaller fruit than the regular kiwis. We’ll be planting vines this spring, and as an added bonus, using the shade for our digging area. See below to join us!

So much is happening at SHFF, but visitors often don’t realize what they are seeing, so we’ll be working on developing signs around the site this year of all shapes and sizes. Fill out the volunteer survey below to help!

More perennial food crops will be appearing this year. It’ll be a great way to learn about new plants for your own yard. Salsify, turkish rocket, sea kale and caucasian mountain spinach are on our list. Let us know if there are others you think we should try.

Join us!

Spring is here, and we’re excited to get back together and build the Food Forest. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Tell us how you want to volunteer!

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this short survey even if you have volunteered with SHFF before. We know many of you are just looking for the right opportunity to get involved, so let us know! We’ve got projects for everyone!

We’re Official!

SHFF is now a brand new nonprofit organization! The IRS approved our 501(c)(3) application. Look for new projects as we expand our funding sources with this new status.

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