Plants on site

UPDATE: is no longer available, and their database is being migrated to Plantsoon. For the time being, our guild links below won’t work, but we hope to get them updated soon.

What have we got?  Where is it?  Take a look!  This is a new feature and will become increasingly robust over time, but for now: scroll down.  Each guild has a link that takes you to an outside website called  Over there, what we call Guilds are called Collections. We’re mapping each plant and adding it to the Collections as quickly as we can.  If you want to help, please send us a note at southernheightsfoodforest @ 

A = Gathering Area (your group is probably meeting here)
B = Pollinator Guild
C = Chestnut Guild
D = Serviceberry Guild
E = Elder Hazel Guild
F = Hickory Guild
G = Linden Guild
H = Persimmon Guild
J = Walnut Guild
K = Pawpaw Guild
L = Pecan Guild
M = Community Crops Private Family Garden Plots