Safety at the Food Forest during the Pandemic

So, this is all NEW, eh?  Here’s some guidance: 

Yes, you may come through the Food Forest to walk, sit, play, and work.  We have a two acre field and it ought to be VERY EASY to stay CONSIDERABLY MORE than 10 feet away from any other family group you meet there.  

Please feel free to bring your own tools, or to use your hand sanitizer on our tool handles.  We won’t be offended.  Parents, please sanitize anything that your children play with.  Current research says the virus lives for mere hours on paper and plants, but perhaps a few days on plastic and metal.  

Yes, there are still private family gardens on site.  Please be respectful.  People are working hard to shore up food security for their own families.  The “red zone” on the map is NOT available for harvest.  

Yes, the rest of the site, outside of those Crops plots, is available for respectful harvest.  

The outdoor classroom has very distinct spatial divisions.  The guilds portion of the garden also has very distinct spaces.  Let’s have a maximum of one family group in any one sub space at a time, and for the smaller spaces, perhaps skip a space is best.  

The party that feels the need for the most distance sets the tone of any interaction. Respect each other. We can’t know who has at risk people at home or at their work.

Please remember to use at least a few minutes of your food forest time to intentionally look for the beautiful, the serene, the abundant.  This is a beautiful planet even if it’s a nerve-wracking time.  Attending to your own resilience is a good daily habit to be in.