You’re welcome!

The new welcome sign is up!

Thanks to the Nebraska Forest Service, Lincoln Industries, and all of our supporters for our new welcome sign at the Food Forest with a map, site information, and regular updates on what’s ready to eat during the growing season. Thanks also to the Environmental Science 319 class that helped us jump start the design process.  Stop by and check it out!

Two young princess fairies work the corn grinder with curiosityAnother successful Enchanted Food Forest

We’re thankful for everyone who came out to explore the Food Forest for our annual Halloween event. Kids in all sorts of colorful costumes explored the site, shelled corn, read stories and much more. We look forward to their return visits throughout next year.

Fall Activities for Kids

Fall is a great time to gather natural materials for crafts. It doesn’t have to be permanent – just have fun arranging leaves or sticks in patterns. Make a good one? Take a photo and send it to us! It’s also fun to just explore the different textures and colors that fall brings. Ask your young person why each plant parts looks the way it does and see what ideas they have.

Holiday Markets

Sundays, December 1 & 15, 10am – 2pm, Park Centers Banquet Hall
There are two delightful Holiday Markets left before your local farmers take a well-deserved rest for the winter. Stop by and pick up a wonderful array of local produce, meats, dairy, mushrooms, sweets, and much more. 
Details here.

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